About Us


When you’re busy, stressed and/or overwhelmed – like so many Canadian employees are – a yoga class provides so much more than a bit of exercise and a good stretch.

It’s a chance to recharge, replenish, centre and breathe – which is exactly why we believe it belongs in the workplace.

We’re Catherine Beler and Vanessa Groeneveld, founders and co-creators of Bodhi Yoga Wellness, which provides a premium yoga experience outside a studio setting – including the boardroom.

Studies show that almost 40% of Canadians suffer from workplace stress, which negatively affects productivity, morale and output.

We offer a simple and inexpensive way for you to provide your employees with an opportunity to escape their stress, get some much-needed movement and ground themselves in the middle of the busy work day – which has the potential to pay off tremendously for them and your business.

Our premium, full-service workplace yoga experience (which you can read about in full detail here) is available in the Greater Toronto area and across southern Ontario. We also offer a full suite of additional – and completely customizable – services including catering, retreats, and virtual options.


We – Cat and Vanessa – met in yoga teacher training and quickly bonded over a mutual love of travel and the belief that a stress free life – at home and work – should be possible for all. Before long, the notion of Bodhi yoga was born and we’ve been hosting retreats and workshops ever since. We’re thrilled to be taking on the world of corporate wellness – an area that we believe needs yoga in a big way.